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BTI Partners partners with ELEMENTAL to insure all the investments made on the platform.

Elemental is one of the leading corporate services firms in the UK, providing company secretarial services, administrative services, accountancy services and corporate services to a full range of clients.

As experts in their field, the Elemental team provides us with the advice we need to ensure that BTI Partners is complying with its statutory obligations pro-actively and efficiently. They use solicitors, chartered secretaries, chartered accountants and other governance and compliance professionals to ensure that we get the advice we need.

Terms of Insurance

Elemental wishes to notify and clarify on the following terms and conditions to the general public that willingly subscribe to services of our client BTI Partners.

1. That Elemental insures only deposits made by clients of BTI Partners without interest against the unfortunate happenings like untimely end of contract but not the wishful termination of contract by its clients.

2. Elemental will take audit of every account and give back the balance to the account holder if the account has enjoyed or earned and withdrawn a certain amount of monies from the deposit/investment made from day 1 of the contract.

NOTE: That Elemental doesnot insure profits but 100% of only the deposits made less the amount withdrawn. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every client of BTI Partners gets back their deposits in full.

Financial Conduct Authority

Elemental is registered with the FCA as a Small Payments Institution, which gives you the comfort that activities carried out by BTI Partners are monitored and overseen as required.

Anti-Money Laundering

We are subject to the UK anti-money laundering regulation and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. We undertake relevant identity checks for all of our clients and comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

How do I make an insurance claim?

To make a claim, please send an email to insuranceclaims@btipartners.net and an insurance agent will get in touch with you to expedite the process.
Please note that this email is monitored by both Elemental and BTI Partners as one of the requirements of our partnership.

Please note: Acceptance of the information on this page consitutes an agreement between BTI Partners, Elemental insurance and the investor.
For more: Please Contact us to know more about your investment insurance.